Company Purchases

Business purchases can generate substantial donations and can mean a lot for a social project, especially when these purchases are recurring, as that will bring in ongoing financial support. In this way, companies can give a simple but useful contribution to show their social involvement, by making corporate purchases via ShopDonationUSA, without any extra costs.

Here is what we offer

On our overview of stores, you'll find the shop category business where you see all providers of business products and services. Lucrative categories are business subscriptions/contracts, insurances, office supplies, printed matter, flight tickets and hotel bookings. As always, the buyer can choose which cause they want to support for each purchase.

Purchases through account managers

* Significantly large purchases from companies often go by telephone via an account manager, where a fixed customer discount is agreed upon. This means that this purchase does not go through ShopDonation and therefore does not result in a donation.

Other purchases, often in the categories mentioned above, are not made through an account manager and therefore have the possibility to make donations via ShopDonation.

Join with your company or tip your business network

If you know a company that might be interested, whether it's the company where you work or through your business network, do let them know about this simple opportunity to make a positive, social impact. If you are an employee of a company, you could consult the management, boss, or head of purchasing to discuss buying through ShopDonation.
Most businesses that are currently using ShopDonation were quite surprised to hear about what value they could offer without any extra costs, and were quite willing to explore with which purchases they could support a cause of their choosing. Thus it might be interesting to share on LinkedIN or with your business network in general - it can make a real difference.

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