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Back in 2008, we asked ourselves a simple question that would later become our mission: Why is it still so hard to hire a plumber? Or a piano teacher? Or any local professional?
In the era of instant-everything, it’s crazy that you still have to waste an entire afternoon researching, calling and comparing local pros whenever you need one. So we set out to make it easier. Today, millions of customers use Thumbtack technology to find and hire small businesses across the country.
Keith T., Painter
Works when he wants, sets his own rates and gets hired at least six times a month on Thumbtack.
But you want to know what really gets us out of bed in the morning?
Helping landscapers. Painters. Personal trainers. Dance teachers. Entrepreneurs who take what they’re great at and turn it into something greater.
Busy Moms. Commuters. Homeowners. Pet parents. People with big plans (and even bigger to-do lists) who want some help getting them done.
Liz L., Personal Trainer
Former sports trainer and master motivator, inspiring healthy lifestyles on Thumbtack since 2014.
At Thumbtack, we’re building more than a product. We’re building local economies and stronger communities. Leveling the playing field so even the smallest of businesses has a fair shot at success.
Thumbtack’s about skill, hustle and the victory of getting things done — not what you look like, who you love or what you believe in. Thumbtack is for everyone.
Dan C., Magician
Does birthday parties, corporate events and gigs for Golden State Warriors on Thumbtack.
It’s a privilege to work in the tech industry, we know. But the future of work is bigger than Silicon Valleys, Forests and Beaches. Its heart lies in every suburb, town and city throughout the USA.
Mom-and-pop shops helping next door neighbors. Busy families hiring family businesses. This is what the future looks like. And we’re building it together.

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