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Wolverine Shoes details

Wolverine Shoes


G.A. Krause believed in American opportunity. In 1883, he founded a small leather tannery with a handful of employees. With relentless craftsmanship, their Michigan company produced work boots and gloves famous for comfort and toughness.

By 1903, Krause and his sons were producing 300 boots a day in their new factory. That year, their thriving business brought electricity to Rockford, MI – which is still our home today.
Our Original 1000 Mile boot is the soul of who we are. First introduced in the 1910s, it was named because it offered 1000 miles of wear. Workers loved its soft, long-lasting shell horsehide leather.

Today, we’re still handcrafting this American icon with the same methods. This our third century of making quality boots and we’re not done by a long shot.
Every day is a battle. And, we put everything we’ve got into helping you fight back. Here’s how we design boots to tackle what’s next:

Our priority is always making the most comfortable boots on the planet.

We don’t believe in one size fits all. Every Wolverine boot is tailored to real challenges you face.

Beat us. Bust us. Go as hard as you can because Wolverine lives for the fight.

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